FlexMan Program

Get your company ready to adopt solutions for flexible and resilient manufacturing
FlexMan is a transformation program consisting of three phases:



SMEs to comprehend in depth the demand for professional training and assess current capacity and readiness in integrating tailored AI solutions for flexible manufacturing. This results in the delivery to each SME of a Roadmap including guidelines for implementing the transformation towards a flexible production paradigm.



SMEs personnel playing a role in the digital transformation (R&D, production, management, HR, MKT, Legal) in both technical and innovation management topics for upskill purposes. The train will take place in a blended format: online/remote + offline (if possible) . Tailored learning paths will be created for different SMEs and personnel, following insight stemming from Scan phase.



SMEs in identifying one technology integration problem (e.g. how to implement line sensored for enabling the development of predictive maintenance systems) and put them in touch with technologists from RTOs, universities and Competence Centres acting as consultants to co-develop solution demo cases. Outputs are prototypes, predictive models, guidelines, requirements, and other inputs for kick starting transformation projects.